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About the diffuser necklace:

  • 18ct Gold on Sterling Silver/925 Sterling Silver
  • Adjustable chain necklace
  • Cage pendant that opens and closes
  • Lava bead included (to absorb your favourite essential oils)

About SPACE element:
The Dodecahedron represents all the aspects of SPACE and is connected with the Crown Chakra, which holds the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening and higher consciousness. It is an expression of life and consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the physical vibrations of the body and to reconnect with the higher vibrations of our true nature.

What zodiac do signs represent SPACE element?


The SPACE element personality:

The element of Space is the first of the five great elements. It comes first because it is the most subtle of the elements. The Space personality has qualities, based more on the absence of its opposing quality than on the actual quality itself. Space people are light because they lack the heaviness created by the earth and water personality. They are also subtle because they lack the profound presence of the more obvious elements. Furthermore, Space personalities remain the most expansive of other elements. Without form or boundaries, Space people have no limits in whatever they venture into. Because of their expansive quality, Space is the cause of their differentiation.