Mameido Elastin (Supplement)

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About this Supplement:

Mameido Elastin is extracted from Bonito fish arterial bulb (the blood vessel) which cannot be extracted from fish skin. It provides a form that is easy to be absorbed by the body and it is highly water soluble.

From different clinical results showed that there is a visible improvement in the softness and resilience of the skin and also the amplitude on skin.

What is Elastin?

Elastin and collagen are both proteins found in the skin. Elastin gives the skin elasticity and collagen provides rigidity. The two proteins work together to give skin its shape and firmness.

It is a key protein found in connective tissue, allowing many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. It is found predominantly in the walls of arteries, lungs, intestines and skin, as well as other elastic tissues. 

Direction for use: Take two tablets a day with water or warm water.

About the Ingredients (94% natural):

'E460i' is a natural product derived from the tree.

'E463' is a natural product derived from softwood pulp.

'E903' is a natural product derived from wax collected from the leaves and petioles of Copernicia cerifera.

'E473' is a natural product derived from sugar cane, sugar beet and palm.

'E171' is titanium dioxide. (0.607%)

Manufacturered by Sunsho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.   Made in Japan


彈性蛋白是彈性纖維的主要構成成分, 給與人體全身器官、组織和皮膚伸縮力能 , 跟膠原蛋白一樣都是廣泛分佈於全身的蛋白質 ,给予皮膚彈性及水份。Mameido 彈性蛋白是從鰹魚動脈球(血管)提取,而鰹魚是眾魚類含彈性蛋白量最高的魚類,其水溶解性極高,有助促進體內細胞、膠原蛋白及彈性蛋白增長。



服用方法 : 1日兩粒, 用水或溫水送服.



'E460i' 是源自樹木的天然產物.

'E463' 是源自軟木漿的天然產品.

'E903' 是從白蠟木的葉和葉柄中收集的蠟衍生的天然產物.


‘E171’是二氧化鈦 (0.607%)

生產商:日本三生醫藥株式會社   日本製造