Floradix® Saludynam Liquid Calcium Magnesium Zinc Formula (250ml)

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Both calcium and magnesium are critical for strong bones, however; the average person's intake of these minerals is unbalanced. The ratio of calcium consumption far outweighs that of magnesium consumption, which affects their subsequent absorption and utilisation and sets the stage for weak bones and over-calcification of the body.

New studies are showing us that the best way to maintain the health of our bones is through the regular use of a balanced calcium magnesium supplement.



  • ensures proper calcium utilisation
  • prevents calcium deposits in soft tissue
  • helps properly utilise both supplemented and dietary calcium
  • addresses the increasing problem of over-calcification of the body
  • facilitates the adequate absorption of calcium (including dietary sources) at the vitamin D dependant, active transport sites
  • assists bone matrix synthesis
  • free of alcohol
  • no chemical preservatives