Wholesale Member

  • Enjoys 24% off retail price
  • NO obligation to distribute any products, or to order every month
  • Has the potential to earn commissions from referring
    (Referring is entirely optional and most Young Living “distributors” are users who want to enjoy a better price)
  • Eligible for joining the Essential Rewards program (can save more)

Retail Customer

  • Pays FULL retail price (the price we sell at)
  • Do NOT qualify for commissions
  • Is not eligible for the Essential Rewards program
  • (One can request to change their Retail account to be a Wholesale account with Young Living anytime.)

(Please check with us or Young Living the most current product list and availability. These product lists are for reference only.)

Contact Us to help you or create your Young Living Account here

Please fill in #1360570 in both the Enroller and Sponsor field as you create your account on line.

And email us so we can follow up with you and provide support.

If you want to SAVE EVEN MORE than the 24% off, we recommend the Essential Rewards program. Click here for details >>>

Additional note

Benefits of creating your Young Living account with i-Detox