Bio Resonance - Rayonex

Strengthen yourself to reduce stresses from Electromagnetic Fields

Rayonex bio-resonance products include devices that can boost our energy and strengthen us against stresses from electromagnetic radiation produced by radio-frequencies that are virtually everywhere.  All such products are designed to emit frequencies that strengthen our immune system and regulatory mechanisms.


What are frequencies? 

Quantum physics of the early 20th century has confirmed that all matter exists not only as particles but also as waves. Waves are frequencies.  This means that all matter, including cells an organs, have frequencies.  We also know that they are orbited by electrons, creating their own electromagnetic field.  These electromagnetic fields affect cell communication and affect all living processes.  


What is Bio Resonance? 

Bio-resonance is when our cells find the frequencies that relate to them.  The principle of resonance is the one by which a mobile phone finds the right person from countless communications across the globe. Frequencies of the transmitter and receiver resonate exactly with one another.  When we are not talking about radio communication but our body and our cells, we add the word “bio”, which means living things. 

An easy way to understand frequencies and bio-resonance is to look at the example of sunlight - the earliest and most universal form of bio-resonance.   The frequencies of sunlight not only trigger the production of melatonin, which causes pigmentation, they also cause the production of Vitamin D in our body.  In a similar way, there are frequencies that trigger different regulatory mechanisms in humans, animals and all living things.

For over 30 years, Rayonex measured various types of frequencies and their effects on people and animals.  These frequencies include those of harmful germs as well as the electromagnetic radiation coming from modern communication devices. 

Wherever electricity is used, electric and magnetic fields exist whether in the office, school or home.  Furthermore, we have high frequency pulse-modulated radiation coming from mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless routers or Bluetooth connections virtually everywhere in our high-tech world. When exposed to these fields throughout the day and night, many people are stressed and may function below their optimal levels.   A number of products are devised to boost our energy and restore our inner balance.  

The Elo-Rayex, HF-Rayex and Car-Rayex are each equipped with dipole antenna systems that emit different frequencies that strengthen our regulatory system and provide a compensatory, beneficial effect. 


                       Car-Rayex                                                              Elo-Rayex        


                      HF-Rayex                                                                  Mini-Rayonex 

  • Car-Rayex focuses on a spectrum of electromagnetic fields common in cars and on the road, especially for electric cars with navigation systems.
  • Elo-Rayex strengthens us against appliances which produce alternative electromagnetic fields such as TV, computers, extension cords, hair dryer, washing machines, printers and copy machines.
  •  HF-Rayex targets weakening effects from higher frequency fields such as mobile and cordless phones, Wifi, blue tooth, baby monitors and even to some degree the outdoor mobile phone towers. 
  • Mini-Rayonex stimulates cell production of ATP and can increase our energy, help with sleep and produce calming effect. 

All devices are ideally placed with the text facing up on a flat surface near the body, especially during sleep.  The Mini is specially designed for also carrying in pockets or bags, with frequencies emitting in all directions. All the devices have an emission radius of around 2 metres.

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