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22nd March, 2013 
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How are you enjoying Spring so far?  


In our last issue, we talked about taking care of our liver, which corresponds to spring season in Chinese Medicine, and we shared some spring self care tips.  In this issue we've invited acupuncturist Peter Yeung to tell us more about how to care for our "liver".  (See below!)


Spring Time Self Care (Part II)
Vision...Stress...Liver...and overall health
Are you eyes dry and/or tired?  Is your vision deteriorating? When you get up in the morning do you have a lot of eye clue? 
In TCM, "liver" opens in the eyes, so eye issues can often reflect imbalances of the liver.
Other signs of liver stagnation and imbalances are fatigue, irritability, frustration, mood swings, hormone related issues. And Spring, being Liver season, is the BEST time to take care of your liver.  
liver and gallbladderWith modern understanding, the liver is our body's key detoxification organ.  Not only does it have to deal with the toxins we are exposed to from our food, the environment etc, it also has to neutralise all our stress hormones (yes it has to literally neutralise our "toxic" thoughts and emotional stress!)  TCM has long recognized the direct relationship between our liver and our emotions.  
Click here to read Liver Health from TCM Perspective by Peter Yeung, acupuncturist, to learn more about how to take care of your liver (and gallbladder) with a holistic approach.  
A LIfetime of Self-Care RESOURCES?

Do you need/want to "recover" from indulgence after the Rugby Sevens?

Or do you want to make use of the upcoming EasterHolidays to give yourself a "rebirth"


And you may even be ready to 

quit those unhealthy habits you've been trying to quit?


Then this may just be the right time to give yourself a LIFETIME of self care resources.  For what we are known for is not just providing high quality whole-food based products, but the valuable education that leaves you empowered and resourceful in taking care of yourself for the rest of your life. 
Superfood Detox

Do you want to:

- learn to eat healthy without feeling deprived?

- reverse damage from less-than-healthy lifestyle?

- restore your mental clarity and positive mindset?

- have a metabolic RESET?

If the above resonates with what you want, book your private one-on-one program, or come along to our information-packed Superfood and Detox Intro.

<Next one: 26th March (Tues) 10:45am>
Practical Aromatherapy
Would you say knowing these will add to your self-care resource?
- how to heal cuts, bruises, eczema, relieve allergies, cough etc
- how to have boost energy naturally and quickly
- what oils to use for autistic children, restlessness, snoring...
- what oils to use for hormone balancing
Everyday Oils
- how to boost immunity and speed recovery from infection
- what oils to use to support spinal alignment
- what oils to use for pain relief and improve vision
- how to keep your household clean, combat molds, without using chemicals 
You will probably like to come and learn with us!
We want to thank you for the enthusiastic responses from the Practical Aromatherapy sharing sessions for VIPs last month! It's really encouraging.  
If you are not our VIP member yet, click here to see how to become one.
While VIP has priority to these events, we welcome anyone to join us and learn.  But space is limited.  
<All below events are by donation basis in support of local charities>

Mark Your Calendar...

20th April (Sat) - whole day
22nd April (Mon) - morning
23rd April (Tue) - morning and evening

<More events scheduled for week of 6th May too...>
If you would like to receive the full schedule of educational sessions with our visiting practitioners as soon as we have all details confirmed, please email us here.
Thank you for reading!  We appreciate you for sharing this newsletter with others and contributing to their health and wellbeing!

With all the best wishes,
Anita and the i-Detox team
"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." - James Keller 
 The mission of i-Detox is to educate, inspire and empower you to take good care of yourself.  
Upcoming Events
(self-care crash course and detox intro)
Mar 26th (Tues) 10:45am
<Newly added>
April 17th (Wed) 10:45am
April 29th (Mon) 7:00pm
(make vegan cheese cake and ice-cream)
April 24th (Wed) 
7:00pm - 9:00pm
(learn 20+ quick and easy recipes loaded with superfoods)
23rd & 30th May (Wed)
10:45am - 12:15pm
Superfood Happy Hour  
(tasting is believing...get "high" with superfoods...!)
May 18th (Sat) 
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Liver Caring for Busy People

The liver is the only organ in us that completely regenerates itself even when it's damaged or cut out - and thank God it does, as it's so very vital to our health!
Many seasonal spring vegetables are liver cleansing and/or balancing (most of them are green in colour although not all):
"Superfoods": spirulina, chlorella, goji berries (liver and kidney food)
Whole foods and their juices: artichoke, celery, asparagus, beetroot, burdock root, carrot...
Herbs: milk thistle, dandelion root, dried rose
Available from the 
i-Detox store for busy people:
Spirulina Crunch
Artichoke Juice
At the recent Superfood Happy Hour (8th March 2013), we raised HK$2240 for local charity Sunshine Action!
Thank you all the guests, and prize sponsorsDr.Barry Decker andKinesiology Asia!
(Spring health tips)
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