Peruvian Harvest® Yacon Root Powder (250g)

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Yacon is an Andean root originally from Peru, very sweet and rich in oligofructose (also known as fructo-oligosaccharide), a complex carbohydrate that the human body does not metabolise.  FOS are important in maintaining gut health.  
Peruvian Harvest Yacon Root Powder made carefully drying selected roots, using a unique cold drying process that results in a great taste and maintains all of its nutrients intact without the use of heat or any additives.  This is the perfect sugar substitute.

Why YaconPro?

  • Lower glycemic index than any other product known in the market
  • Amazing taste; while most yacon syrups have a strong taste like molasses, YaconPro is unique due to its tangerine like taste
  • Unique process, manufactured without the use of heat or radiation.  No binders, filters or excipients are added at all.


Drinks: Add the sweet taste of yacon root powder to juices, shakes, smoothies, hot beverages or any other drink.

Confectionery: Consider replacing refined sugar for yacon root powder for your baking needs.

Food preparation: A sweet note can be added to sauces and other food preparations.


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